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The 2011 Tour de France race guide.


An Idiot Abroad

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The xx


(Or rediscovering) Hamlet - Nicki Greenberg's beautiful new version, thanks to the fabulous Snarkattack, who invited me along to see Nicki talk about the creative process behind the book.


  • An enormous serve of bangers'n'mash and a nourishing pint of Kilkenny at the Town Hall one dismal Tuesday evening.
  • A "Chachi" - chianina meatball sandwich - another brioche donut and some amazing chocolate tart at Beatrix, which Essjay has reviewed.
  • A lazy Sunday lunch at The Crimean. The Polish hunter's stew (bigos) was just the thing to revive me after a chilly bike ride.
  • Generous piles of fried food with oodles of chillies and sichuan peppercorns at Sichuan House
  • Succulent suckling pig at Liberteene.
  • An array of bright, zesty flavours at Chin Chin, where the only problem was having to choose only some of the items from what looks to be a menu that is all hits, no filler.


Food TV – no room for another surfer on the menu

On flicking through the program guide for Lifestyle Food, you could be forgiven for thinking that no food show concept is rejected.  Renegade ice sculptors! Dude food! There’s even a show about getting a food show…  I guess this means that 2010 Masterchef contestent, Hayden Quinn, should be congratulated for his particular genius in identifying a “concept” that got the thumbs down.

The whole concept is I travel around and show people some of the really amazing food and recipes you can get from all over the world.

I still really want to do it and I’m looking at other options so we can make it happen as food and travel are two things I am really passionate about.

Two things, Hayden.  First, that’s not really a concept.  Second, food and travel are things a lot of people are passionate about, but they don’t expect to be paid for it.  As Mr Rufus said, “that’s not a show, that’s a junket”.

= = = = = = = =

Reality Ravings’ take on the story is here.  She also has a piece on Curtis Stone’s new show, which perhaps fills the need for surfie-foodie-travelling types.

3 comments to Food TV – no room for another surfer on the menu

  • I cannot believe I have missed the Next Food Network Star. That looks just up my alley.

    Thanks for the link love.

    I must say I was impressed with how hard Hayden worked at the Masterchef live event. However I don’t think he has the IT factor or the cooking skills to sustain a whole food show.
    reality Raver´s last post ..Reality Tidbits – Sunday Edition

  • Jo

    Methinks Mr Rufus nailed it.
    Jo´s last post ..Osteria La Passione

  • @Reality Raver – I missed it too! Although Masterchef Aus season one probably qualifies as Next Food Network Star, right? Hayden reminds me a bit of the young guy from S1. Seems a likeable bloke but not enough to build a show around.

    @Jo – He was bemused that anybody would even *think* that this was a likely pitch, although he doesn’t watch as much TV as I do… if he did, he’d have joined me in surprise that it wasn’t hitting our screens next ratings period!

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